The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were announced early in 2017, and quickly became our favourite phones of the year. We've now seen the new S9 series, which you can read more about here, so with a new phone in town you can pick up the still-brilliant S8 models at lower prices.

If you're wondering whether to go for the newer model, visit our Galaxy S9 vs S8 comparison here.

Where to buy the Galaxy S8 SIM-free

You can buy the Galaxy S8 SIM-free from plenty of retailers, and if you can afford to do it, it can work out much cheaper in the long run. Don't forget to make sure you find a good SIM-only deal to compliment your SIM-free phone, too. You'll find our pick of the best here: Best SIM only deals.

The cheapest we've seen by far is from Amazon, which we've seen offering the S8 for £438, a saving of over £171. You can get the S8 from Amazon here.

Carphone Warehouse also has up to £100 off the Galaxy S8 when you add a SIM only deal with the purchase of your S8 – which brings the price down to £489. Get this bundle Galaxy S8 deal from Carphone Warehouse here.

If you are based in the US, we'd recommend trying, Best Buy or New Egg for the best prices.

Where to buy the Galaxy S8 on contract

A contract can be a little more manageable than buying the phone outright, as it will mean you can pay off the phone over 24 months. It will normally add up to significantly more in the long run, but for many it's a good option.

Our favourite Galaxy S8 contract

  • Vodafone, 4GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, no upfront cost, £23 per month. Available at here.
  • Virgin, 20GB data (doubled from 10GB), includes £100 cashback, Xbox One S with Sea of Thieves and Xbox Live Gold, £0 upfront, £38 per month. Available at Virgin here.

You can use our price comparison tool below to find the best S8 deals. Choose how much you'd like to pay upfront, how much you'd like to spend each month and how much data, minutes and texts you need to find a deal that's tailored to you. If you can't see the comparison tool, click here to refresh the page for a version optimised to your device.

Where to buy the Galaxy S8 Plus SIM-free

The cheapest we've found the S8 Plus SIM-free is from Amazon. At time of writing it's only £478, but the price from Amazon changes on a regular basis. We'd recommend checking there first.

Alternatively, we'd recommend the following:

For US readers we'd recommend trying, Best Buy and New Egg for the best prices.

Where to buy the Galaxy S8 Plus on contract

As with the S8, we've picked out our favourite Galaxy S8 Plus contract here, and you'll find a price comparison tool below.

Top Galaxy S8 Plus contract

  • O2: 30GB data (upgraded from 15GB), unlimited texts and minutes, £0 upfront, £37.50 per month (£384 cashback reducing the monthly line rental to £39 from £55). Available from Mobile Phones Direct here.

You can use the sliders in the comparison tool below to choose how much you want to pay per month, how much data you need and more. If you are unable to see the comparison tool, click here for a version optimised for your device.

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