It can be a daunting task to buy something the old man will actually like. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to round up the best Father's Day tech gifts out there, because who doesn't like tech? From tablets, phones, speakers and fitness trackers there's something in this list every dad is sure to like. 

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Apple iPad 9.7in (2018)

Apple iPad 9.7in (2018)

If your dad is constantly fighting for the TV remote, enjoys reading news online or maybe enjoys a spot of gaming, a tablet could be a really good idea for a Father's Day present. It's an extra special gift if you live far apart, as it'll open up the world of video calls via Skype or FaceTime. 

The gold standard of tablets is surely the iPad, which has recently taken a welcome price drop to £319/US$329 with the 2018 model and is compatible with the Apple Pencil.

Yet for under £50/$50 you could opt for Amazon’s recently updated Fire tablet. It’s ridiculously good value and available in four colours. View the Amazon Fire from Amazon here (click here if you're visiting from the US).

That’s just two options, so why not take a look at our definitive guide to the best tablets available too?

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Virtual assistants are a great gift option if your Dad loves using Google voice or Siri.

Amazon's Echo Dot, at £49.99/$49.99 is an obvious choice if you want something that won't break the bank. Though of course, there's the Google equivalent, the Home Mini (£49 in the UK, and $49 in the US).

If you have a higher budget, there's the larger Google Home (£129/$129) and of course, the Apple HomePod, which is available directly from Apple; though you can get for £349 on Amazon (or $349.99 from Walmart, if you're in the US).


Samsung Galaxy S8

If your dad is still toting around a creaky old feature phone or you just feel he deserves a swanky new handset, there’s always a smartphone. In our opinion, one of the best phones on the market is the Samsung Galaxy S8, though a tad pricey at £609/$599 – how great has Dad been this year?!

You can get the Samsung Galaxy S8 directly from Samsung though you could also find it on Amazon for as low as £442 or $592 on Amazon US (at time of writing). You can also pair the phone with a case (here are the best ones for the S8). If you prefer an upgrade to the Galaxy S9, there's also this case for the Galaxy S9 (see other excellent options here).

Alternatively, the Moto G5 is an outstanding budget Android handset which you can get for as low as £135 on Amazon or $162 if you're in the US. There's also the updated Moto G6 which we really liked in our hands-on review. See the best Moto G6 deals here.

We've also rounded up the best budget smartphones on the market, though if money isn't an object, we also have a list of the the best smartphones of 2018.


Hubsan X4 H107C

If your dad likes playing with the latest tech and is also into a bit of amateur aviation, drones and quadcopters can actually be surprisingly affordable. You can get the Hubsan X4 Micro Quadcopter with Camera for roughly £30/$30 on Amazon (though sometimes less).

Here also is our list of the best drones available right now, at every price point. Some can get a tad expensive, but it depends what you’re looking for. 

TV Tech

Roku Streaming Stick+

If your dad loves TV and movies, you might find that a media streaming device is a good way to give him access to services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer without having to fork out for a smart TV. Many also offer additional benefits such as the ability to stream content from a tablet or smartphone, for example. 

Our favourite streaming stick is the Roku Streaming Stick+, sitting pretty at number 1 in our best TV media streamer list.

Another undisputedly great option for around the same low price is the Amazon Fire TV Stick (£39.99/$39.99). Simply plug it into the USB port on your dad’s telly and he’ll have a wealth of shows and films at his fingertips.

Fitness Tech

Fitbit Charge 2

As long as its not a cheeky ploy to get him to lose weight, an activity tracker is a cool present for your dad this Father’s Day. There are so many on the market, so maybe a peek at our list of the best activity trackers and best fitness tracker deals is in order. 

We’d pick out the Fitbit Charge 2 (£139.99/$149.95) as the best all rounder, which you can get for less than £100 on Amazon (or $148.95 in the US).

A cheaper alternative with many of the same features is the Misfit Ray, which is £49/$79.99 but does miss out on the heart rate sensor, display and floors climbed data. View the Misfit Ray on Amazon, where it's currently on offer for £29.99 (at time of writing).

US visitors can get the Misfit Ray directly from Misfit's website, or for $59.99 from Walmart.


Apple Watch Series 3

There’s always the option to go full-blown smartwatch, so long as your dad is a smartphone user – he’d need to pair the two over Bluetooth.

Smartwatches have more features and a screen, and the go-to example for most is the Apple Watch, which has a few models. First there's the Apple Watch Series 1, which starts at £249/$249, though you can get it for as low as £249 on Amazon UK and under $190 on Amazon US.

The next model up is the Watch Series 3 which starts at £329/$329. If you want cellular connectivity, however, prices start from £399/$399. Compare all Apple Watches here, and click here to see options on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Apple no longer offers the Watch Series 2, but you can still find it online. Additional smartwatch options that we've been loving can be found in our best smartwatches chart.


Sumvision Psyc Monic

Even if he’s blasting Rod Stewart, it’s his day, so let him. Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Here is our guide to the best

High on that list is the outstanding Sumvision Psyc Monic. You can get it for around £40 and the sound it delivers for the price is unbelievable – the sub-bass is top notch. Even if Dad doesn’t have a Bluetooth device to pair it with, you can just plug in a music player with an auxiliary cable.

View the Sumvision Psyc Monic from Amazon. It's not easily available in the US however, but US shoppers can find it from 3rd party sellers on Amazon from $75.75 (plus $12.32 shipping).

Anything Star Wars

Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker

While we are on the subject of speakers, here is a great one for the dads who are Star Wars fans out there. For a straightforward Star Wars gift, check out our round up of the best Star Wars phone cases.

This is an officially licensed highly detailed Stormtrooper helmet that is also a Bluetooth speaker. It runs off mains power but it charges the internal battery so you can use it off the plug too.

The auxiliary connection also lets you play audio from your PC, laptop or TV.

GoPro Hero

GoPro Hero

If Dad likes the outdoors or traveling, the GoPro Hero may be an ideal gift for him. At £199, it's not cheap, but it does come packed with features he will appreciate. Here's our review.

First off, it's voice activated, which eases operating the camera when climbing or bike riding or when having your hands tucked behind your head on a seaside hammock in Bermuda. It's waterproof up to 10 meters, touchscreen, and can record in up to 1440p at 60 fps. You can read more about the GoPro Here here.


Ausdom M06 Bluetooth Headphones

If you’d rather your dad kept his questionable audio tastes to himself, you’re in luck. Headphones are an affordable item that he can use with his phone, tablet, laptop or even TV – a good pick is the Ausdom over-ear headphones. For under £40/$40 you get great audio quality and the option to connect over Bluetooth.

If you can afford it, there's also the Bose SoundSport Free wireless in-ear headphones. We recommended them in our review and gave them a stellar 4 stars out of 5. It costs £179.95 on Amazon UK and $199 on Amazon US, though you can get them directly from Bose as well (click here if you're visiting from the US). 

For a full run-down of the best budget headphones available, here you go.


Amazon Kindle 8th generation

For the literary inclined father in your life, there’s always an eReader. It’s impossible to not mention Kindle. The base Kindle is only £59.99, though you may want to pay the optional extra £10 to avoid your dad having adverts on the lock screen. It is perfectly capable as a reading device; the high-end £229.99/$269.99 Oasis model has the same basic features.

For a Kindle-heavy rundown of the best eReaders, check out our guide

One4All Gift Card

One4All Gift Card

If you still can't decide what to get Dad, you can always have him choose instead. The One4All gift card works with over 130 High Street stores in the UK, such as John Lewis, Argos, M&S, Argos, Curry's Topman and many more. So whether he prefers tech, fashion, fine dining or wants a bit of R&R on a Virgin Experience Days, the One4All card has it covered.

You can load the card with £10 to £400, and also personalize the card for Father's Day with a message, which is a neat touch. You can order the One4All gift card online or buy it at the Post Office.